Steering stabilizer v4 sport black - DUCATI R S DARK XEROX - GPR

COLOR: Black
FINISH: Anodized
MATERIAL: Aluminum
STYLE: Performance Replacement
PRODUCT NAME: Steering Stabilizer
  • Made specifically for sport/road racing bikes
  • Designed to help reduce rider fatigue and eliminate headshake, improving lap times
  • Proven fluid control technology that's been squeezed, trimmed, and lightened to be smaller, faster and lighter
  • Shorter fluid ports, new valving, quicker reaction to high speeds
  • Large dial with a definite "no-slip" grip that locks into place with a positive "click" at 20 settings
  • Approximately 30% lighter than the GPR original Version 1
  • Developed extensively in the World Superbike paddock and the AMA Roadracing paddock
  • More Information
    MakeModelEngine displacementModel yearCountryEngine typeInfoFitment positionBike type
    DUCATI7497492004EUROPE103 PS/ 76 KWH5
    DUCATI7497492005ALL109 PS/ 80 KWH5
    DUCATI7497492006ALL109 PS/ 80 KWH5
    DUCATI7497492007EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWH5
    DUCATI749 Dark7492004EUROPE103 PS/ 76 KWH5
    DUCATI749 Dark7492005ALL109 PS/ 80 KWH5
    DUCATI749 Dark7492006ALL109 PS/ 80 KWH5
    DUCATI749 Dark7492007EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWH5
    DUCATI9999992004EUROPE124 PS/ 91 KWH4
    DUCATI9999992005ALL140 PS/ 103 KWH4
    DUCATI9999992006ALL140 PS/ 103 KWH4
    DUCATI749 R7492004ALL116 PS/ 85 KWH5
    DUCATI999 R9992004ALL139 PS/ 102 KWH4
    DUCATI749 R7492005ALL121 PS/ 89 KWH5
    DUCATI999 R9992005ALL150 PS/ 110 KWH4
    DUCATI749 R7492006ALL121 PS/ 89 KWH5
    DUCATI999 R9992006ALL150 PS/ 110 KWH4
    DUCATI749 R7492007EUROPE121 PS/ 89 KWH5
    DUCATI999 R Xerox9992006AMERICA150 PS/ 110 KWH4
    DUCATI749 S7492004EUROPE110 PS/ 81 KWH5
    DUCATI999 S9992004EUROPE136 PS/ 100 KWH4
    DUCATI749 S7492005ALL116 PS/ 85 KWH5
    DUCATI999 S9992005ALL143 PS/ 105 KWH4
    DUCATI749 S7492006ALL116 PS/ 85 KWH5
    DUCATI999 S9992006ALL143 PS/ 105 KWH4
    DUCATI749 S7492007EUROPE116 PS/ 85 KWH5
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