Starter motor oem - YAMAHA XV VIRAGO S C - Rick's Motorsport Electric

Starter for Yamaha

  • Affordable starters are constructed with longer-life bearings than OEM
  • Many OEM starter motors have an unprotected output needle bearing on the outside of the output shaft's seal; moisture can and does enter the output cap of the electric motor and follows the armature shaft to the unprotected output needle bearing, which corrodes the bearing
  • Rick's takes the extra step of installing a double-sealed ball bearing, with the output shaft seal on the outside of the bearing in their new aftermarket unit
  • This simple application of common-sense engineering does two things: first, the outside bearing is now protected from damaging water entry, and second, the sealed ball bearing is replaceable

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    MakeModelEngine displacementModel yearCountryEngine typeInfoFitment positionBike type
    YAMAHAXV 1000 Virago9711984AMERICA42G/42H
    YAMAHAXV 1000 Virago9711985AMERICA56V/56W
    YAMAHAXV 700 C Virago7001986AMERICA1RM/RV
    YAMAHAXV 700 S Virago7001986AMERICA1RR/TU
    YAMAHAXV 700 C Virago7001987AMERICA1RM/RV
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001987AMERICA1TE/1TA
    YAMAHAXV 1100 S Virago11001987AMERICA1TE/1TA
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501988AMERICA3AL/CM
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001988AMERICA3CF/G/H
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501989AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001989AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501990AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001990AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501991AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001991AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501992AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001992AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7491992EUROPE56 PS/ 41 KW4FY
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501993AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001993AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7491993EUROPE56 PS/ 41 KW4FY
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501994AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001994AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7491994EUROPE56 PS/ 41 KW4FY/GK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501995AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001995AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7491995EUROPE54 PS/ 40 KW4PW/GK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501996AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001996AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 1100 S Virago11001996AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7491996EUROPE54 PS/ 40 KW4PW/GK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7501997AMERICA3JL
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001997AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 1100 S Virago11001997AMERICA3JK
    YAMAHAXV 750 Virago7491997EUROPE54 PS/ 40 KW4PW
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001998AMERICA4NX
    YAMAHAXV 1100 S Virago11001998AMERICA4NX
    YAMAHAXV 1100 Virago11001999AMERICA4NX
    YAMAHAXV 1100 S Virago11001999AMERICA4NX
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