Wiring harness connector kit - HONDA CBR VFR F4I RVT R RR - Rick's Motorsport Electric

PRODUCT NAME: Connector Kit
Rectifier/Regulator Wiring Harness Connector Kit

  • When the rectifier/regulator burns out, it's no longer necessary to buy the entire wiring harness
  • Kit consists of one plastic plug body and five high-quality brass connectors

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    MakeModelEngine displacementModel yearCountryEngine typeInfoFitment positionBike type
    HONDACBR 600 F4I5992001AMERICAPC35
    HONDACBR 600 F4I5992002AMERICAPC35
    HONDACBR 600 F4I5992003AMERICAPC35
    HONDACBR 600 F4I5992004AMERICAPC35
    HONDACBR 600 F4I5992005AMERICAPC35
    HONDACBR 600 F4I5992006AMERICAPC35
    HONDACBR 954 RR Fireblade9542002AMERICA150 PS/ 110 KWSC50
    HONDACBR 954 RR Fireblade9542002EUROPE150 PS/ 110 KWSC50
    HONDACBR 954 RR Fireblade9542003AMERICA150 PS/ 110 KWSC50
    HONDACBR 954 RR Fireblade9542003EUROPE150 PS/ 110 KWSC50
    HONDARVT 1000 R10002002AMERICARC51
    HONDARVT 1000 R10002003AMERICARC51
    HONDARVT 1000 R10002004AMERICARC51
    HONDARVT 1000 R10002005AMERICARC51
    HONDARVT 1000 R10002006AMERICARC51
    HONDAVFR 8007822000EUROPE106 PS/ 78 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822001EUROPE106 PS/ 78 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822002EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822003EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822004EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822005EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822006EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822007EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822008EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
    HONDAVFR 8007822009EUROPE109 PS/ 80 KWRC46
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